Why ‘Sell Your Business Analyst’

Having been self-employed my whole working life I understand the hardships encountered starting, buying, building, operating and selling a business.  You would think it gets easier as you go along but that is rarely the case. Certainly one of the hardest aspects, is knowing how to successfully sell your business when you want out at a fair and reasonable price.

I know this because I have firsthand experience selling my own businesses. I have lived it.  I found the daily, weekly, monthly operation of maintaining a business successfully an impossible task whilst at the same time, trying to sell it.

As a ‘Certified Business Valuer’ I appraise your business for current market value and the probability of it actually selling, first, then if you choose to work with me, we can prepare and list it for sale. No obligation from either party. 


  • Unprepared and overpriced businesses is the most common reason why businesses do not sell!
  • Qualified buyers will not even look at overpriced businesses.
  • You must minimise the ‘risk’ to the buyer.
  • Financials and Accounting must be ‘accountable’.
  • Buyers buy ‘opportunities’ that are profitable now.
  • Manuals and systems are ‘crucial’ to a new owner.
  • Plant, Equipment and Stock must be ‘genuinely’ priced.
  • It is ‘essential’ that premises are clean with substantial lease arrangements.


  • Owner bases sale price on ’emotions’ – not actual facts and information
  •   ‘Assuming’ intangibles like branding, client loyalty, and reputation determine value
  •   Most buyers ‘do not care’ how much time and effort you put into it, they are only concerned with the Return on Investment results it produces or has the ongoing potential to produce
  •   All wages for owner and staff ‘are not taken’ into consideration
  •   Financials are not ‘adjusted correctly’ to give a true indication of actual profit or loss
  • ‘No comparison’ of similar sales history of your business or industry
  • Expecting ‘too much’ for future growth- Business must show a continued yearly growth
  • Price – Once you have ‘turned off a buyer’ by an unreasonable and unjustifiable value you have usually lost them for good

At “SELL YOUR BUSINESS ANALYST” we perform a detailed appraisal to determine current market value and saleability, including Return On Investment for a buyer. NO OBLIGATION TO LIST FOR SALE WITH US!

At “BUSINESS BUY OR SELL” business brokers and consultants, we have specialised in listing only businesses that we have analysed first for value and saleability. We do not believe in listing every business for everyone at any price, therefore concentrating our time and effort to obtain a sale as soon as possible.

Because we are Certified Business Valuers / Appraisers first and Business Brokers second this means you get an unbiased appraisal of the real value and saleability of your business.

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