We are Specialists at establishing the current Market Value for a business and if a business Saleable or Buyable


Certified Business Valuer & Practising Business Broker


Doug is a Certified Business Valuer (AVI) who has chosen to specialise in the assessment and analysis of any business with the potential to sell or buy. Doug is also a fully licenced Business Agent and Real Estate Agent with a main focus on Business Broking not Real Estate. With over 40 years of business experience starting, operating, appraising, selling and coaching of successful businesses. Doug is experienced and qualified to advise you in the analysis, preparation, sale, buying or building of a business.


Accountant, Consultant and Business Advisor

Carolyn is experienced in Accounting, Business Management, Financial Management, Human Resources and Marketing. As Carolyn has been a big part of all of our business ventures over the years and working as an accountant since 1988, Carolyn is an asset to our company and is responsible for Accounting advice, consulting  and management of the business.

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
  • Associate Diploma in Business (Accounting)
  • Certificate 4 – Human Resources
  • 30 years Business Experience
  • Countless Books, Programs and Seminars on Business and Personal Development.

Selling or buying a business is one of the most critical decisions in your life so you owe it to yourself to get the best possible advice for the best possible outcome!

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Sale Assessment

Discovering the Market Value and saleability of your Business

The single most important factor in the selling process is to conduct a Detailed Business Appraisal. This involves an indepth analysis of your business data and the application of a professionally devised formula which will determine the market value of your business.



Collection of all business information to create Information Memorandum

Upon completion of the Sale Assessment, the client decides if they wish to move to the next stage in the Selling Process. More information is gathered which allows us to create the Business Information Memorandum (BIM)


Marketing For Sale

Smart Listing for a Successful Sale

If the client chooses to continue to stage 3 and engage Business Buy or Sell to manage the sale of their business the client will enter into an agency agreement to get the full Professional Sales and Marketing Package that we offer.