We give you the knowledge to make an informed decision of saleability and market value based on fact!

Accurate Business Value and Saleability is Critical
and Must be Determined by a Specialist

You Can List your Business Yourself or with Anyone if you Know the Market Value and Saleability FIRST

Accurate Business Value and Saleability is Critical
and Must be Determined by a Specialist


  • SELLER – A Detailed Business Appraisal is a thorough analysis of the business, current market value and saleability of your business.
  • BUYER – A Comprehensive Business Appraisal is also a thorough analysis of the business for the buyer, especially to establish price, its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential.
  • BOTH are based on key elements like business historical performance, risk of continued income, sound financials, market reality, future growth and Return On Investment for the buyer.​



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Douglas McDonald - Business Broker, Business Valuer and Saleability Analyst

My name is Douglas McDonald and as a Certified Business Valuer (AVI). My role is to help you sell your business or buy a business, by finding the value and worth of the business.  I deal with all the facts and financials to obtain an unbiased market value of any business, the probability of a sale in the current market and due diligence for a seller,  and the value and probability of a purchaser (buyer) actually buying. 

To do this we must first go over all the financial information in detail and normalise it to determine the real net profit of the business. In most businesses this figure is then capitalised (or multiplied) by .5 to 2.75 (risk) to determine its value.( Appraisal )

I am also a Certified Practising Business Broker (AIBB) and unlike most business brokers I will not list a business without doing a detailed appraisal so we both actually know the real market value and saleability. Why would you list a business not knowing its realistic current market value and the probability of it selling. The reality is, it is the buyer or financier that we must satisfy.

Only about one in five businesses listed actually sell because they are overpriced or not prepared properly for sale! Do you want to list your business or sell your business? Again it is the buyer or financier that we must satisfy.

Your Detailed Business Appraisal will also identify key areas of improvement, which once addressed, could greatly influence and increase the saleability of your business and influence a buyer to purchase.. 

I recently sold my business through Douglas McDonald. At all times I found Douglas to be ethical and professional and very tuned in to my need for confidentiality. Doug has established excellent processes and procedures, which was important to me and he explained everything as we went along. Doug spent a lot of time valuing my business and this was greatly appreciated. Doug is always friendly & easy to deal with & I couldn’t be happier with the result. We found a local buyer and my business was sold within a short timeframe with a happy outcome for all. Thanks Doug for all your assistance. Much Appreciated


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Certified Business Valuer, Appraiser, Consultant, Business Broker and Real Estate Agent

Selling or Buying a business is one of the most critical decisions in your life, so you owe it to yourself to get the best possible advice for the best possible outcome!

We currently work with clients in the areas from Newcastle, to Tweed Heads & Tamworth to Tenterfield


Certified Business Valuer, Coffs Harbour and Regional NSW

Selling your business is one of the most critical decisions in your life so you owe it to yourself to get the best possible advice for the best possible outcome


You need to consider these things before going any further

  1. What is your motivation or reason to sell your business at this time?.

  2. Who is the legal owner / owners of the business, who makes the decisions and are they in agreement to sell the business now?

  3. What entities are involved, Sole Trader, Partnership, Trust, Company etc.

  4. Have you done any research or have any idea what is involved to prepare it properly for sale, how much work and effort you still need to put in. How you are feeling emotionally, and how it will affect your partner or family life?

  5. Has it ever been explained to you how most (SME) Small Medium Enterprises are valued or appraised to determine the current market value? Most Business Value is directly related to profitability and risk to obtain that profit. The closer the asking price to market value, the quicker the business will sell.

  6. Do you have a detailed ‘Exit Plan’ in place that you have been working on for quite some time in order to maximise the value and achieve a sale in the shortest possible time?

  7. Who do you think you would buy your business? Have you ever looked at your business from a buyer’s perspective?

  8. Are you aware that only about one in five businesses listed for sale actually sell?  Selling a business can be very emotional, complex, time consuming, expensive and energy draining so it is critical to have the right team of professionals engaged to help you navigate your way to a successful sale.

  9. Engage the right team of professionals now starting with a detailed Business Appraisal from Douglas McDonald “ Sell Your Business Analyst” 

  10. What will you do after the sale is complete? How will you spend the time that you will have after the sale and with who will you spend it?